To understand the philosophy behind our collaborative team, it is important to understand what the word ‘REAL’ means in our name.

The term REAL, circa 2006, originally stood for Responsible, Efficient, Attainable Living.

Over time our services evolved and our experience grew, making the ‘Livable’ word seem so much more ‘residential’ when we were growing significantly in the ‘commercial’ world–and the word ‘REAL’ internally stood for Responsible, Efficient and LEED certified buildings.

But our vision cannot be contained within the markets ‘commercial’ or ‘residential’…or any certification. Quite simply our vision is for all buildings, all places and all people to have access to healthy, efficient and responsibly designed, built and maintained buildings.

Our vision is to create high-quality, responsible, efficient and healthy buildings and places where we live, work, learn and play.

The term ‘REAL’ is the foundation of our name, and the guiding light for how we collaborate with our clients, developers, building owners and their diverse project teams.