REAL Building Consultants’ foundation was built on our LEED certification facilitation services. Early in LEED’s development our team participated in a LEED Pilot Project, and ever since have remained actively involved in the development and use of LEED’s principles to positively integrate sustainability and high-performance into projects.

This experience, coupled with our participation in innovative projects of all real estate types—ranging from single-family homes to multi-story commercial buildings—allow us to provide reliable, proven assistance, documentation and administration consulting that streamlines the LEED process for your project and maximizes the return on investment of green building decisions.

We work best when we can provide our Integrated LEED Services, which include our in-house Energy Modeling and Building Commissioning services that have proven to improve return on investment, LEED rating level, building functionality and overall project satisfaction for our clients. These services are optimized for project teams utilizing the Integrative Design or Design-Build process.

Our LEED Consulting Services include:

  • LEED Project Management
  • LEED Administration and Consulting
  • Design Charrette Planning/Execution
  • Construction Stage LEED Consulting
  • LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations
  • LEED for Existing Buildings
  • LEED for Homes & Multi-Family